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If you are experiencing the following problems in separation, during and after  divorce you need to consult with Sarie!

1. When you are going through a divorce and do not know what to do.

2. You have been separated and can not handle the stress of single parenting.

3. You and your ex cannot reach an agreement regarding the children, before, during and after divorce, and you do not have money for expensive lawyers. What to do.

4. After a tedious divorce, your children are still unsettled about the divorce.

5. The current visitation schedule before, during or after divorce does not work, you do not know how to fix it.

6. Your child experiences behavioral problems after separation, during and after divorce, you do not know how to correct it.

7. You are a father with a child born out of wedlock and after the separation the mother of the child keeps you away from your child.

8. You are a father with visitation rights during or after divorce but your ex wife frustrates your rights.

9. After separation, during or after divorce you experience that the mother or father of your child is alienating you from your child.

10. After separation, during of after divorce the mother or father of your children has primary care and you are experiencing problems with access to your children.

 11. After separation, during or after divorce the mother or father of your child is behaving in such a manner that it is influencing your child's physical and emotional functioning.

12. You are busy with a divorce and do not know what will be in the best interest of your children regarding visitation schedules.

13. After the divorce your children's father or mother does not have a good relationship with your child, and it is influencing the child’s emotional functioning.

14. You are busy separating or busy with a divorce and cannot speak to your ex? You need a mediator.

15. You are worried about the emotional functioning of your child.

16. You need a psycho-social investigation done regarding the circumstances of the other parent.

17. You need a parenting plan which can be submitted as part of your settlement agreement.